YCP Annual Report for the Past One Year  

(October 2010 – November 2011

During the year under review, YCP commenced activities in Ondo state with a review of needs assessment and baseline survey it earlier conducted in the state on knowledge, Attitude and Practice Studies (KAPS) on adolescent sexual and reproductive health issues, youth empowerment and skills acquisition. The result of the needs assessment provided the basis for YCP intervention in the state. 

During the year under review, there were series of sensitization and advocacy meetings with the various stakeholders, which includes the state and local government officials, traditional rulers, religious organizations, market women and men, Parents Teachers Association (P.T.A), Youth organizations and the Law enforcement agents. 

YCP’s activities were introduced to stakeholders during the sensitization meetings and participants were made to understand the situation of young people today and what challenges they faced as they grow up. Participants were acquainted with the goals and objective of YCP and her vision for the Youth in the country and why YCP seek to partner with them to address the pressing issues of our young people in the state. Participants were equally made to understand the nature of Non –Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and how they work. Participants were intimated with the nature and operation of the partnership between YCP, the community, the local and state governments and what is expected of each partner. The outcome of these sensitization meetings were successful considering the positive responses from the participants, which eventually culminated in the establishment of the Youth Development Center in Bolorunduro community.  

During the period under review, Bolorunduro community donated a parcel of land for the construction of the multi – purpose Youth Development Centre in Ondo East L.G.A and with the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), activities began at the project site with the clearing of the bush on the land. 

The multipurpose Youth Development Centre was promptly completed and equipped with all the necessary furniture and other facilities. Staff and workers were also recruited and trained on the job. 

The Project Advisory Committee (PAC) comprising the representative of state and local governments, community leaders, staff of YCP and youths was inaugurated. Members of PAC meet monthly and its function is advisory in nature. The formation of PAC provided a platform for joint planning and decision making by the stakeholders. 

During the period under review, YCP conducted numerous activities to create awareness about the center and provided information on the various center activities designed to benefit the young people. These awareness activities were conducted at various community institutions such as churches, mosques, schools, market places and on the streets. 

At the Youth Development Center, programme schedules and the list of vocational trades were placed on the notice board and young people who came to the center were given forms to fill and to indicate their choice of vocational trade. During the period under review the following vocational training departments was established, equipped, launched and became functional. 

  1. Information and Computer Technology (ICT) department. It currently has 29 youth trainees 
  2. Fashion Designing and Tailoring has enrolled 19 youth trainees 
  3. Global System Mobile(GSM) Handset Repairs has 17 youth trainees 
  4. Tie and Dye(Putting design son Local fabrics) and soap making has 19 youth trainees 
  5. Catering and cookery has 9 youth trainees 
  6. Football Academy has enrolled 40 youths with (28 males and 12 females) 

During the period under review, other center – based programmes launched includes the following: 

1. Provision of health care services: The youth friendly clinic was fully equipped with all the necessary facilities and drugs. Medical personnel were also deployed to the clinic. Young people have been visiting the center to receive counseling and treatment of minor ailment. 

2. Adolescent and family Health Education for young people. This programme has also been launched and holds every Fridays. Through this programme, a forum has been created for youth to come together to discuss issues about their health, relationships, dating, abstinence, gender issues etc. 

3. Citizenship and leadership training: A two – day workshop was organized to train young people on leadership and Development.72 youths participated in the 2- day workshop 

4. The Centre library has been equipped with books, furniture, tables, fan and other facilities 

During the period under review, the centre launched a community outreach programme to improve the health of the communities we serve. We did not only provide vital information and education on health generally, we provided a comprehensive range of free health screening in addition to making safe, quality and cost effective drugs accessible to the members of the community. 

Advocacy and Sensitization workshop was also held for Police officers and men (law enforcement agents) a total number of 25 police men participated in the workshop aimed at acquainting them with the activities of YCP which has the benefit of removing youth off the street by engaging them productively. 

YCP also conducted a workshop to develop training manuals for both in and out –of- school youth and the youth health care providers. 

YCP and its partners have in the period under review successfully started very well at Ondo East Project by making tangible progress. YCP has continued to work and perform well in all areas. In the years ahead, YCP hope to consolidate its organizational structures as well as in developing progressive programmes for the young people both in and out of school,and empowering them with necessary information and life skills that will ensure their self – actualization and fulfillment.  

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