Youth Care Projects (YCP) is pleased to present the report of her activities in Ondo East Local Government Area of Ondo state for the past one year (October 2010 – November 2011) as well as the financial report for the period. 

Let me start by giving thanks to the Almighty God who gave us the vision and for bestowing on us the strength and power to implement this vision. 

I would also like to gratefully acknowledge the tireless effort of everyone who has worked so hard to make the Ondo project a reality. The success so far achieved represents a collaborative effort of all the stakeholders, namely; the Government at both the state and local levels, the local communities and YCP, who came together to promote and support an expanded and multi-sectoral response to issues of health and development of young people in the state. 

With the launch and commencement of activities at the Youth Development Centre, I can say boldly without fear of contradiction that YCP through its innovative strategy of involving both the community and the government is already breaking traditional boundaries in youth programming in Nigeria and probably in the entire sub-Saharan Africa. 

We realized early that the magnitude of the challenges facing our youth, who are indeed the life force of our communities, can effectively be tackled and resolved through sustainable and firm commitment of every stakeholder. Here, technical, financial, regulatory, programmatic and eventual ownership and sustainability must be factored into programme design, planning, implementation and monitoring phases. 

So, from the inception, we had assumed that direct partnership between the project, the local communities and the two levels of government can be a starting point in the formulation of a more effective strategy in the planning, implementation and monitoring processes. This is YCP model. 

The obvious benefit of such broad-based participation of all stakeholders are numerous as it ensures policy commitment, operational efficiency, complimentarity non duplication of roles, prudential financial spending which also ensures proper allocation of funds, and above all the potential for maximizing programme service delivery impact to the people. 

In our strategy, local communities are the focal point of our intervention and this highlights the importance of partnership with them. The communities are fundamental not only to programme sustainability, management and ownership, but also in joint resource contribution and input to the project particularly in the donation of community land for the project site. 

YCP’s strength in the partnership lies not just in raising funds, it understands the condition of young people particularly the hard to reach youths and those living under very difficult circumstances and settings, and has the ability to respond in many practical ways to young people’s pressing needs. 

For progarmmes such as this to be successful, it is essential that enabling environment based on appropriate policies and political commitment be established. The government has the regulatory authority. Ondo State Government and Ondo East local Government provided supportive environment by giving their fullest political commitment and by helping to mobilize its own share of resources which include human, financial and material resources in addition to logistic support based on stakeholders agreed formula for contributing resources to the project. 

As I have always pointed out, governments until now have not gone beyond mere rehetorics and speech making and sometimes honoring invitations when it comes to youth events and programmes. 

However, the admirable and courageous efforts of Ondo State Government and Ondo East L. G. A in embracing this strategic and unique partnership aimed at empowering our young people, is worthy of emulation. For us at YCP and the development community, it represents a major breakthrough in youth programming. For by so doing, the government is providing hope for the future. May I use this opportunity to express the determination of YCP to ensure that these positive efforts and gains already made can and must be accelerated and expanded to other Local Government Area of the state for the benefit of the present and future generation of Ondo State in Particular and the nation as a whole.

To obtain the Ondo East YCP Comprehensive report, email or contact us.