Capacity Building for Teachers and PTA Members 

The YCP programme involved first identifying the seven schools to work with in the pilot phase and develop the capacity of some of their teachers and PTA members.

Letters were written to the School Principals to send two teachers and two PTA members from each of the schools to a 3-day training workshop.

The purpose of the training was to ensure that they have the factual knowledge of the issues and the skills needed to provide information and psychosocial support to the adolescent/young people who would be coming to them to clarify their misconceptions and solve problems.

They were expected to serve as liaison Officers to coordinate and mentor the Peer Educators in the schools and communities and assist them to play their roles effectively.

The training took place on June 28-30, 2004 at the project’s youth development centre. A total of thirty participants were in attendance (28 participants from the schools and two project staff).

The Schools were:

Ado-ugbo Grammar School, Afin Akoko

Ajuwa Grammar School, Agbaluku

Anglican Grammar School, Agbaluku, Arigidi Akoko.

Community Comprehensive high School, Ikaram Akoko

Anglican Grammar School, Irun/Ogbagi Akoko.

Okota High School, Arigidi.

Mount Carmel Girls Secondary School, Ikare, Akoko


The Topics covered during the training included the following:

Overview/Status of adolescent reproductive health in Nigeria 

Adolescent Sexual Behaviour

Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the Male and Female Reproductive System

Values and Values Clarification 

Menstruation and Conception 


Communication Skills 

Counseling and its Techniques 

Personal Skills 

Leadership Skills 

Team Building 

Overview of Peer Education and Role of Peer Educators 

Report Writing 

Development of Action Plan