5th - 7th July 2011

5-day in-house Training for Youth Care Projects Staff

The objective of the training was to empower staff of Youth Care Projects with necessary skills for performance enhancement and service delivery. The programme commenced on Monday 5th July through Friday 9thJuly 2011, with all the 14 newly recruited staff in attendance.

The 5-day workshop was declared open with the welcome address delivered by the Executive Director. According to Mrs. Okunrinmet, the centre was conceived to empower youth for self-reliance in order for them to be useful to themselves and the community at large. She urged all participants at the training to participate actively and make the best use of the opportunities available learning new skills. She also pledged full commitment of the management to efficient implementation of projects at the centre under the coordination of Barrister Bosede Mimiko.

TECHNICAL SESSIONS: The sessions were facilitated by three individuals with expertise in NGO management:
Mr. Marthin-Mary Falana - ED, Kids & Teen Concern Resource Centre, Ondo and Ekiti States.
Mr. Akintimi Clement - Abuja
Mr. Aigbe Festus - Finance and Admin Youth Care Projects

The first day focused on post employment interview and ratification of the timetable for the week.

TECHNICAL SESSION I: Mr. Marthin-Mary Falana handled the session on Tips to know about NGO. He described NGO as a profession set out to reduce the suffering of the citizen which demands a collective responsibility from all the actors. He also explained the core values needed for the smooth-running of the NGOs which include perseverance, commitment, integrity, accountability, honesty, transparency and hardworking.

TECHNICAL SESSION II: Mr. Marthin-Mary Falana’s presentation dwelled on HIV /AIDS, project cycle and deliverables. He explained input, output, and outcome processes as well as impact levels of a project cycle and how they all relate to project overall goal in a logical framework.

TECHNICAL SESSION III: Mr. Clement Akintimi explained some terminologies used in social work i.e. (NGO, CBO, CSO, etc). He threw light on Youth Care Projects as an Organization and provided useful hints on the programs and activities of Youth Care Projects. The organogram of Youth Care Projects were shared with the participants and used to explain the internal workings of the organisation. The second aspect of the session provided an overview of report writing. He said a good report would have the following components: Title, Introduction, Objective, Activities, Conclusion, and Recommendations. He explained further that project reports might be weekly, monthly, annually or quarterly. It could also be mid-term, or end of project report.

TECHNICAL SESSION V: This session provided detailed information on detail Youth Care Projects financial policy. The Finance and Administration Officer of Youth Care Projects, Mr. Festus Aigbe handled the session. The detail of the policy with respect to the handling of funds, the packages accrue to every staff as well as the day-to-day running of the organization was explained.

TECHNICAL SESSION VI: Mr. Clement Akintimi took participants through NGO ethics. He defined ethics as day-to-day ways of doing things. Participants learnt about different ethics which include dressing, life building skills for the staff, communication, self-esteem and team building geared towards achieving results.

TECHNICAL SESSION VIII: Mr. Festus Aigbe explained principled guiding personnel policy of Youth Care Projects.


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