The Executive Director's Message



Statistics indicate that one tenth of the world’s population is aged between 15-19 years old, 80% of whom live in developing countries 

In Nigeria, this age group constitutes about 20% of the total population. This is indeed a large and growing group. 

However, the challenges faced by this age group are many and diverse, encompassing every area including health, education, economy and morals. 

Health related problems include lack of access to health information and services, HIV/AIDS/STIs, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and drug use, visco vaginal fistula (VVF) and early sexual activity. While the causes of negative moral behavours includes wrong societal values, lack of positive role models, inadequate and improper orientation and socialization among others. 

The challenges associated with education and economic condition respectively include lack of teaching aids in schools, dilapidated school building, poor teachers’ welfare and motivation, truancy among students, examination mal pMrs Adenike Okurinmetaractices, lack of instructional material and cultism. On the other hand, the economic related problems are youth unemployment, lack of vocational skills, teenage prostitution, trafficking in children, rural urban drift, commercialization of sex and poverty. 

Many parents and guardians have resorted to divine intervention and prayers as a panacea to these myriad problems; and a significant number have resigned their conditions to fate.

However, what young people need in addressing these problem are information, decision making and coping skills, opportunity for individual counseling with someone they trust and provision of youth friendly services. Parents who are supposed to be the main source of information are not giving young people what they need.

While many Non Governmental Organizations(NGOs), community- Based Organization(CBOs) and faith Based Organization(FBOs) are working to provide young people with life’s skills to face many of life’s problems and challenges , governments at all level do not perceive these issues as a development issues that deserve priority attention. As a result, there is a weak commitment and low support from government in addressing the problems of young people.

However there is a ray of light at the end of a long tunnel as Ondo State Governments, Nigeria is coming to the aid of young people in the state; as it is collaborating with YCP to address the needs of young people in a holistic and integrated manner by building a Youth Development Center.

The center provides health and general information on youth growth and development, leadership training, youth –friendly health care services, vocational and skills acquisition, Information and Computer Technology (ICT), Recreational and Research Center. 

We commend the effort of Ondo state Government and call on the Federal and other State governments and well meaning citizens to contribute to the development of the future of our young people.