16th August 2011
Location: Ondo


World Youth Day was celebrated at the centre on Tuesday August 16th, 2011. WYD program is celebrated worldwide on 12th August, however, the centre commemorate the day on the 16th to enable proper participation.
the theme for the commemoration, “Give Youth the chance to participate in decision-making at local, national and global levels was aimed at identify with the youth around the world,

Youth Care Projects organized a one day celebration for over 250 young people invited from the ten Electoral Wards of Ondo East Local Government Area.

The representatives of the youth that attended the programme from the ten wards are as follows:
Fagbo - 20,
Bolorunduro - 82,
Sasere - 15,
Oboto - 15,
Baikin - 5,
Epe - 10,
Wasimi - 16,
Owena (Lipepeye) -8,
Ireje - 2,
Kajola - 8,
Igba - 5,
Kolawole - 3,
Lagba - 5.

WYD celebration as attended by over 250 participants as well as following dignitaries:
Hon. Siji Akindiose - Chairman Caretaker Committee, Ondo East LGA
Hon. (Mrs.) Julius Folayemi - Supervisory Counselor for Women Affairs, Ondo East LGA
HRH Oladugba G.S. - Loja of Sasere
HRH BabalolaKehinde - Loja of Igba
Hon. Gafaru - Supervisory Counselor for Youth and Information, Ondo East LGA
Mrs. Akinrelere F.J. - Community Mobilization Officer, Ondo State Agency for the Control of AIDS (ODSACA)
Mr. Marthin-Mary Falana - Facilitator
Mr. Folarin Abraham - Facilitator
Mr. Emmanuel Adaramola - Facilitator
OSRC - Community News crew
Hope Newspaper - Reporter

The Executive Director of Youth Care Projects (Youth Care Projects), Mrs. Adenike Okunrinmeta ably represented by the Project Coordinator, Barrister (Mrs.) Bosede Mimiko welcomed participants to the Centre. Mrs. Mimiko reviewed all the components of the project at the centre, which include:
-Skill acquisition for indigent youths
-Sexual Reproductive Health - training of Peer Health Educator
-Youth Friendly clinic
-Resource centre /Library
She admonished participants to make the best use of the opportunities available to them at the Centre.

Presentations at WYD
(a) The first presentation was made by Mr. Marthin-Mary Falana (the Executive Director of Kids & Teen Resource Centre). He linked the theme with issue of HIV as a major barrier to the youth not able to participate in decision-making at any level.
HIV/AIDS according to him is a global phenomenon that affects the young people of our generation due to lack of correct information about their live activities.
He discussed the various ways by which HIV virus is spread among young people; namely:
-Unprotected sexual intercourse with infected person
-Sharing of sharp object with infected person
-Transfusion of infected blood to a person
-Transmission from mother to child during delivery and breastfeeding.
He however noted that the virus cannot be contracted through the following means:
-Sharing domestic materials
-Sleeping on the same bed
-Mosquito bite

(b) The second presentation was made by Mr. Emmanuel Adaramola of the Emmanuel World Children Foundation. He described gross violation of child right in the society as a major hindrance for the youth not to participate in decision making at local, national and global levels.
The speaker analyzed various ways by which children are been enslaved in the name of empowering them economically which now led them to sexual and physical abuse. Mr. Emmanuel concluded by urging the youths to work closely with the management of Youth Care Projects so that their lives can be better.

(c) The third presentation was made by a consultant, Mr. Folarin Abraham. Mr. Abraham took the participants through various fields of academics, the various subjects to be intensified upon in order to be part of decision makers at local, national and global levels. In conclusion, he narrated how people at various fields of Engineering, Medicine, Law, Accounting, Architect, History, etc had contributed immensely to the decision making in the society. He advised the youths to be well informed in choosing their careers so that the chance of participating in decision-making process will not elude them.

At the end of the presentations, the youth asked questions from the presenters which were adequately dealt with.

Goodwill Messages: Goodwill messages were presented by:
Hon. Siji Akindiose - the Chairman Caretaker Committee of Ondo East LGA, he congratulated the youth on the occasion of the 2011 International Youth Day, and that they should see Youth Care Projects intervention as a very good opportunity for all the youth in the Local Government. To him, the effort is to complement the effort of the present administration in Ondo State in empowering the unemployed people.

HRH Oladugba G.S. - The Loja of Sasere also congratulated the youth for their celebration; he told the youthabout their time in the olden days when farming was the paramount occupation unlike now when there are diversities of trades. He therefore advised the youth to imbibe the spirit of hardworking in order to excel in life.

Mrs. Akinrelere F.J. - The Community Mobilization Officer for Ondo State Agency for the Control of AIDS (ODSACA) gave kudos to Youth Care Projects for the intervention in Ondo East LGA. According to her, the spread of HIV among young people can be traced to a lot of risky behaviors amongst the youth. She admonished the youth to take maximum advantage of the facilities and programmes at the centre. She urged the youth to go for voluntary counseling and testing.
FILM SHOW: The celebration was concluded with a film show titled:
“SUSAN THE HOUSE GIRL”. The film is a documentary on child and human trafficking for sexual purposes. Susan a young girl from a poor background was deceived into believing that that there were job opportunities outside Nigeria. The end result was the luring of the girl into prostitution and eventually deported back to Nigeria through the assistance of a Good Samaritan.

Cross section of participants during the WYD activity Cross section of guests & speaker during the WYD activity


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